13 Spectacular DIY Chicken Wire Craft Ideas

With chicken wire, just about anything is possible. People have been using chicken wire for a variety of reasons for years. Everything from using it in chicken coops to making baskets. Chicken wire can be used for a lot of creative and useful crafts. You don’t need to have chickens to use it!

Have you ever considered using chicken wire to decorate your home? The answer is most likely no. Not many people think about using chicken wire for decorative purposes. But these projects below will inspire you to start thinking about it! Chicken wire can make a lot of great decorative pieces for your home and garden. These crafts can be done yourself. This will save you money on purchasing decorative pieces. Best of all, these projects really impress your guests and will have them talking for months to come!

These projects will breathe new life into your home or garden. Décor on a budget is something we can all relate to. We have compiled the 13 best décor ideas for chicken wire, providing plenty of creative examples. Go ahead, give one of these crafts a try!

1. Make a fruit or vegetable holder

Make a cool and useful fruit or vegetable basket that you can hang over your kitchen table or a counter.

basket 1

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basket 2

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2. Make a candle lantern

Candle lanterns are a great way to decorate your house or even your porch. You can make your own using chicken wire!


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lantern 2

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lantern 3

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3. Create your own custom lampshade

A great way to decorate your lamp and make it look more fun. Chicken wire makes a great DIY lampshade!

shade 1

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shade 2

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4. Fill in old picture frames

Chicken wire put inside old picture frames creates endless possibilities to create some unique home decor. You can make it into a dream board or even a clock!

frame 1

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frame 2

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frame 3

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