3 Easy Ways To Get Ombre Lips

The word “Ombre” is French and basically means shading or graduation. It refers to the graduation of color from darker to lighter. Now that the Ombre effect has conquered the hair and nail industry, it makes sense that the next step will be for it to spill over into makeup. Ombre lips and eyes are quickly popping up everywhere.

Keep reading to find out these 3 easy steps to get the perfect ombre lips.

1.Using lipliner or eyeliner pencil.

Use lighter color as a base color and apply it all over your lips. Then using darker colored pencil create ombre effect by outlining lips or darkening inner center of your lips, whichever you prefer. I applied white eyeliner pencil as a base color, and using my brown-ish lipliner I outlined the shape of my lips. Then, took the white liner again and blended the colors until there were no edges, but smooth transition between the colors. When creating ombre effect remember to blend the colors using lighter shaded pencil. For a glossy finish, apply a lipgloss carefully, so that the colors won’t mix together, losing the ombre effect.

2. Using lipsticks.

Just like it was described in point #1, apply lighter lipstick as a base color all over your lips and create ombre effect with the darker shade using lip brush. If you are not comfortable using a brush or don’t have one, fingers work just as well as any lip brush. Blend the colors smoothly, and that’s it!

3.Using lipstick and a lip liner/eyeliner pencil.

This is my favorite way to create ombre lips, and i think it is one of the easiest ways as well. Apply lipstick all over your lips, create an ombre effect using darker or lighter shaded lip liner/eyeliner pencil. You can use either lip brush or your fingers to blend the edges of the colors together. Apply lip gloss for a glossy finish. I’ve created this ombre look by applying liner on the corners of my lips.