7 Ingenious Ways To Reuse Old Belts

Many people use belts not only to tighten their pants, but as a fashion statement as well. Belts are used by women and men alike, even children and the elderly. That’s why it’s unavoidable for unused belts to stock up in a household.

Belts can get worn out, unusable, or out of style, but instead of throwing them out, you can find other uses for them instead. Just like tons of other items, belts can be repurposed in many different ways. Some ideas are even borderline genius. You probably don’t know just how reusable belts are. By itself or with other belts, belts can create very practical items you never knew you needed. Here are seven ingenious ways to reuse old belts to give you an idea on what to do with the old belts stocking up in your home.

  1. Book purse

A clever way to hide your important items and still make them easy to bring around is by making use of a book purse. Basically, you can make a book purse by creating a book compartment out of three books stacked up together then make a handle out of a leather belt. When closed, the purse simply looks like a couple of books—no one would think to touch it.

Image from Tips 4 Everything
  1. Circle Frames

Square or rectangular frames are very traditional and common. Step up the way you display your favourite photos by using circular frames instead. It’s very easy to make circular frames out of a couple of circular blocks of wood. You will even then have the freedom to paint the frames with a color of your choice. Hang up the frames using an old belt loosened on one side. Glue the belt around the frame to make sure it won’t fall off.

Image from Architecture Art Designs
  1. Door Mat

A couple of leather belts can actually make a great door mat. It won’t store up too much dust but it will still take some dust of off the bottom of your shoes. Just sew some old leather belts side-by-side until you achieve the width of your choice. Choose belts with relatively similar lengths so you won’t have to cut the ends off—which actually adds some style to the mat.

  1. Shelf

Make a very eccentric shelf using an old drawer and a sturdy, old belt. Start by painting the drawer with any color of your choice then suspend it by wrapping the belt around it. Loosen the belt on one side then hang it up by the loosened end. Glue together the parts where the belt and drawer touch to keep the makeshift shelf from falling off.