What are the Benefits of Eating PURPLE Potatoes?

Potatoes are among the favorite spuds around. But due to their negative reputation when it comes to weight gain, here’s a better alternative: purple potatoes. The potato is called so because both the skin and the flesh have the same purple shade. They look unique, especially as an adornment to your dishes. But it’s not just the color that you should find appealing. These potatoes are high in antioxidants and have several health benefits that you will surely be thankful for:

1. Color Your Food the Healthy Way

Root vegetables, including carrots and potatoes are used to color foods. In fact, they are grown and harvested for this purpose. So, if you’re thinking about coloring your foods, stay away from food dyes because they are linked to cancer. Instead, choose purple potatoes, which are full of anthocyanins, a safe and healthy alternative to artificial food color.

2. Regulate Your Blood Pressure

If you have hypertension, you have to watch your diet. The good news is that purple potatoes can help lower your blood pressure, according to a study by the American Chemical Society. Purple potatoes have high amounts of chlorogenic acid, a type of phytochemical that is associated with low BP. No matter how you prepare the potatoes, it is estimated they can lower up to four percent of your blood pressure levels. Even more good news is that it does not cause weight gain, another great benefit for people with hypertension.

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