Cannabis and Cancer – The Relationship

The long debate about whether cannabis has any medicinal properties is now way back in the past. Thousands of illnesses, diseases and symptoms have been quelled by this mighty, life giving plant which has given way to the ultimate question – can it cure cancer?

Throughout the ages cannabis has been used for a variety of different reasons, by a variety of different people. The ultimate in herbal medicine, cannabis is reaching new heights in the healthcare industry today and its power has finally come to fruition. This leaves the door open to the ultimate question, whether or not it can cure the ultimate ailment – cancer.

Our bodies are equipped with an endocannabinoid system, which is naturally prepared for  the interception of cannabinoids that enter the body. This enables the cannabinoids to be utilised by our body and it means that they are capable of assisting almost every cell in the human structure. This is an obvious indicator that cannabis is absolutely meant for human consumption, as it just so happens that this plant is jam packed with the stuff that our body needs for its own health and optimisation. So if cannabinoids can assist every cell in our body whilst not harming anything, surely it has the ability to combat the creation and mutation of malignant cancer cells too?


Recent studies have shown exactly what happens when cancer cells are directly injected with a compound found in cannabis oil. Watch the video below…the results are quite amazing!

So there we have it. 100% proof that cannabinoids do indeed kill cancerous cells whilst leaving the healthy ones alone. Alongside that, the endocannabinoid systems in our body works with the other cannabis compounds which are actually assisting every other cell we have…whilst curing us and preventing us from getting cancer!

Darren Miller, a 50 year old from Illinois was recently diagnosed with an inoperable, incurable type of cancer and was experiencing incredibly adverse side effects from Chemotherapy. After exhausting the list of possible cures for his illness, he finally made the decision to move to California to try out cannabis oil as a treatment. After nearly 8 months of regularly taking CBD oil, Darren’s cancer was completely cured and he was certified a healthy man once more. This story is as inspiring as it is incredible, and it represents a growing trend of turning to cannabis to treat the “incurable.”

The possibilities here are endless and one day cancer will indeed be exiled from human life for good…but not without the help of good old weed.