15 Awesome Teachers Who Totally Deserve a Nobel Prize

teacher in pyjamas

We all probably had a teacher whom we still remember with love and pride even after many years.

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Some Parents Make Cooler Selfies Than Their Kids Do



Younger generations love taking selfies trying to look as more attractive as they can, but there is an older generation that we should not underestimate their imagination to do the same, these are their parents. Let us watch some of these selfies that people shared on social media. Enjoy.

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Pete Thorne Takes Photos Of Chubby Cats And It’s So Beautiful

Pete Thorne’s project, Fat Cats, has had him taking truly delightful portraits of tubby kitties.

All images below are made by Pete Thorne

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18 Absolutely Worst Things In The World… While We Eat Or Drink

1. When you accidentally drop your fork into syrup:

Twitter: @goawaymer


2. When your icing is taken from you far too soon:

Twitter: @ScottsBizClass

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