This cream is the secret to get spot free, Fair and pinkish cheeks

Good skin tone and bright complexion is what every girl dreams of. Today I am going to tell you about this amazing cream that gives you spot free skin. It also brightens the skin and make you cheeks pinkish.

You need:

  • Almonds – 50 gram
  • Rice – 1/2 cup
  • Egg white

Soak the almond and rice in different bowls in warm water for one night. Once they are soaked, remove the brown the brown peel off and put the almonds blender jar. You only need to blend the almonds, not the rice. Only almond is blended, add egg white and beat the mixture till you get a consistent paste.

Now you can apply this mix on your face and let it sit for 15 minutes as a face pack. After this wash your face with the water used to soak the rice. Use this water to splash on your face several times through out the day.

This is an effective method from traditional Chinese medicine for improving skin color, removing brown spots, acne and fine wrinkles on the face.