Health Benefits of Homemade Detox Drinks

There are times when we feel like we can barely get through the day, so we turn to foods, such as those that are rich in sugar for a quick energy boost. But this is a bad habit that we need to break as it only does more harm than good.

What we don’t realize is that being sluggish and even that bloated feeling is a result of too much toxins in the body. This is why we need to detox and one way to do that is through drinking water infusions.

No matter what you call it – water infusion, infused water, sassy drink, or detox drink – such beverage can have benefits for our body that not only help energize us, but also keep us healthy.

Benefits of Drinking Infused Water

Among the reasons why you should start consuming water infusions are:

1. They help remove toxins, while cleansing the liver.

We all deal with environmental pollutants and stress, which can cause toxic overload. These can cause various problems from fatigue to constipation to belly fat to bad breath. Drinking infused water can help us detoxify and can increase the capacity of the liver to get rid of toxins by up to 23%.

We need to detox through drinking water infusions / PicHelp

2. The drinks can help reduce inflammation.

With the liver cleansed and the digestive system resting with the help of detox drinks, this can prevent inflammation. This is especially true if the ingredients in the drink include watermelon, strawberries, ginger, and cucumber.

3. The drinks can boost metabolism, allowing you to lose weight faster.

If you find it difficult to lose weight, start drinking infused water with fruit ingredients, including grapefruit, which has special enzymes that can boost metabolism and help the body use sugar effectively.

To get great benefits of water infusion, you should try the following ingredients:

  • Watermelons: Low in calories, help in hydration, fight inflammation, prevent free radical damage, with vitamin A and B for anti-aging effects
  • Cucumbers: Fight free radicals and inflammation, with polyphenols that slow aging, with diuretic effects to cleanse the liver and remove toxins
  • Lemons and Limes: With ascorbic acid to detox the body, help in digestion, maintains youthful appearance of the skin, with vitamin C for white blood cell development, boost immunity
  • Grapefruits: Burn fat faster, reduce appetite and cravings, boost immunity with vitamin C, while hydrating the body and promoting brain health
  • Raspberries: With ketones that help in weight loss, high in vitamin B and C, promote slow aging and healthy skin
  • Strawberries: Have anti-inflammatory properties, anti-aging flavonoids, reduce cancer and cardiovascular disease risk

To make your own detox drink, just add any of the ingredients above in a pitcher of water or glass jar. Allow them to sit for at least three hours or overnight if you want. Add ice before you drink.