Kate Hudson and James Corden Dance With Toddlers


Kate Hudson may be the face of a fitness brand, but even she had trouble keeping up with the toughest trainers James Corden could find!

The Fabletics mogul joined the late show host for some “Toddlerography.”

“I know you think you’re in shape, but these instructors are going to beat you down,” Corden warned Hudson before they began. “These instructors are a nightmare, OK? They made Dwayne Johnson cry—’The Rock!’ They made ‘The Rock’ cry!”

Fortunately, the actress has a lifetime of dance training to help her through the difficult moves.

As Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” played, the grown-ups tried their best to follow along to the tot’s moves.

While the segment didn’t end with any tears, it did end with a nap.

Now that’s a cool down we can get behind!