How LOVE Can Keep You Healthy

Love is grand: it’s full of excitement, it’s fulfilling, and what’s even better is that it is good for your health. Experts believe that romance can positively affect your overall well-being through the following benefits:

1. Love can give you more energy. Both emotional and physical love can lead to better mental and physical health. It can reenergize you when lazy afternoons are among your problems.

2. It can stimulate your mental health. As mentioned, love can improve your mental health. When you are happy, the blissful effects give your brain a boost by increasing the dopamine activity. You become more optimistic, energetic, and much healthier.

3. It fixes menstrual problems. If your menstrual cycle is irregular, making love is one remedy for problematic periods. Women who have sex at least once per week tend to have higher amounts of estrogen, which regulates their menstrual cycles.

4. Love boosts your immune system. Conflicts are a part of relationships. However, when you resolve those issues with your partner, this helps you have a better functioning immune system. Although it may not be easy at all times, arguing in the most loving way can bolster your immunity.

5. You don’t feel much pain. Just by holding your partner’s hand can reduce your feelings of pain. Research has discovered that those who experienced electric shocks felt less pain when they held their special someone’s hand after the incident.

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