One Glass of Beet Juice Can Make You Smarter

Cognitive enhancement is such a hot topic nowadays, especially with forms of cognitive dysfunction such as Alzheimer’s are on the rise.

New research revealed that brain health can be optimized with the right foods. When the brain is healthy, you can increase your performance and even decelerate aging, along with other benefits, such as positive mood and quality sleep. You can achieve all these when you drink juice from beetroot.

Proof from Science

A recent study showed that just one serving of juice from raw beetroot can immediately improve a person’s cognitive performance. The participants of the study simply drank 450 mL beet juice while another group took some placebo. Just 90 minutes later, they were given various cognitive tests and surprisingly, those who drank beet juice were significantly better in terms of their performance on the tests.

This study shows that beet juice is an effective brain booster – and may even be better than coffee and tea. What’s really great about beet juice is that it doesn’t have the nasty side effects that you can get with caffeine consumption, including palpitations and crash after a few hours of drinking.

Beet Juice vs. Coffee and Tea

The advantage of beet juice over caffeinated drinks doesn’t end with the absence of side effects. Here are other reasons why beet juice easily trumps coffee and tea when it comes to enhancing cognitive function:

  • Beet juice doesn’t jack up the nervous system unlike coffee and tea, which actually force the brain to work harder and faster. While this works wonders, it only does so for a short time. This borrowed time does give us the boost we need, but later on, this is followed by a crash. The brain and body suffer together and we soon feel tired and sleepy.
  • Beet juice also doesn’t burn out the nervous system. It also strengthens the immune system, unlike coffee and tea. When you consume caffeinated drinks, the body doesn’t have time to recover before it gets bombarded with yet another surge of stimulation.
  • Beet juice will not turn you into someone who’s dependent on the stimulation because it doesn’t have caffeine that triggers addiction.

The process in which beet juice improves the health of the brain is much simpler and even more sustainable. The high levels of nitrates found in the root are strong vasodilators, which dilate the blood vessels. Nitrates lead to higher levels of nitric oxide in the body and the brain, which enable more oxygen to freely flow into and all over the brain. This results to better performance of the brain, so cognitive tasks become clear, sharp, and accelerated.