Reasons to Go for Seeded Grapes (And Eat the Seeds Too!)

A lot of people who love grapes hate the thought of having to spit out the tiny seeds or accidentally munching on them. And that is why they simply opt for seedless grapes, which they feel are heaven-sent to grape-lovers such as themselves. If you are one of these people, it is a great idea to go back to seeded grapes most especially if you are a health-conscious person. That’s because grape seeds offer a variety of incredible benefits, say the experts.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with eating grape seeds. They are not like apple seeds which, experts say, should not be eaten as they may produce considerable amounts of cyanide if they happen to be consumed in large amounts. It’s true that grape seeds may be slightly bitter, but that can be easily overshadowed by the perks they bring.

Here are some of the reasons why eating those tiny grape seeds is good for you:

They May Help Combat Depression

A 2010 study done on laboratory mice showed that proanthocyanidins, compounds found abundantly in grape seeds, helped increase the levels of both serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Researchers who conducted the said study confirmed that proanthocyanidins worked just as effectively as some drugs prescribed for individuals suffering from clinical depression.

Eating Them May Help Keep Unwanted Weight at Bay

Certain compounds found in those tiny grape seeds may actually help save you from accumulating excess pounds, say a study done back in 2003. It revealed that compounds released when crushing grape seeds inhibited the action of enzymes responsible for fat absorption and storage, thus making them very helpful for weight-watching individuals.

Grape Seeds May Prevent and Even Kill Cancer

Proanthocyanidins and other compounds found in grape seeds may help fight off cancer, according to experts. However, they add that it’s too early to conclude that because more studies need to be done. Some researches even suggest that the consumption of grape seeds may even cause those deadly cancer cells to start killing themselves!

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