Revealed: The Shocking Amount of Calories Present in Whiskey

It is obvious that calories obtained from whiskey can ruin your diet. This article provides information on the calorie content of ‘whiskey on the rocks’ and ‘whiskey with soda/coke’. Scroll down to know some important whiskey facts…

This is the age of six-pack abs and size zero. People not only watch what they eat, but also keep a tab on what they drink. Men and women, who wish to have a perfect figure need to cut down not only on sodas and sugary drinks but also on alcoholic drinks. Ordering a lowest-calorie alcoholic drink can help maintain your weight and overall health.

Whiskey Calories
The numbers presented in the table should be considered as guidelines only. Calories in a glass of whiskey depend on a number of things: the type of whiskey, the type of coke or soda, the amount of whiskey and the amount of coke or soda or water (or ice cubes).

Description – Quantity – Served – Calories

Whiskey Shot     1 shot    /    1 fl oz/27.8g   64
Whiskey on the Rocks             8 oz               124
Whiskey and Soda Single     (25 ml)            56
Whiskey and Diet Coke Single (25 ml)       64
Whiskey and Coke Single     (25 ml)           129
Whiskey Sour                          1 oz 110          128
Calories in Scotch                   1 oz                61-65

Some Specific Details

  • 25 ml Scotch whisky (when it is scotch, it is ‘whisky’ and not ‘whiskey’) and 100 ml Coca-Cola would normally contain about 65 calories from whiskey and about 45 calories from the Coca-Cola, making it about 110 calories in total.
  • 35 ml of Scotch and 90 ml of Coca-Cola offer about 120 calories.
  • Jack Daniels, in itself, has a calorie content of approx. 58 calories, per 25ml. However, the calorie count can go up or down to a large extent, depending on the accompaniment. You can always go with water instead of coke, to cut down on calories. You can also try JD on the rocks. Nothing beats the taste of JD, served with a glass full of ice.
  • But, a Southern Comfort and diet coke drink will contain less than 80 calories for a 25 ml serving.

Whiskey Facts

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