Stop Feeding Your Children with Hot Dogs! Here’s Why…

Hot dogs are among the most popular and favorite foods of Americans. People consume them regularly and they’re the most common fast food, especially when there are some festivals throughout the cities. Statistically speaking, approximately 155 millions of hot dogs are eaten every 4th of July.

However, according to newest research, children who eat more than 10 hot dogs monthly have a 9 times increased risk of leukemia. To make matters worse, pregnant women who consume 1 hot dog weekly are more susceptible to having a child with brain tumor. Also, a father who regularly consumed hot dogs prior to the conceiving of the child increases the chances of the child for cancer.

Why are hot dogs carcinogenic?

This is because the meat contains nitrite additives. During the cooking, the amines and nitrates in the hot dog are mixed. The amines are carcinogenic compounds. So, a safer option is to choose nitrite-free meats or limit the intake of hot dogs.