Why the Term ‘Organic’ Has Lost Its Meaning

Being organic doesn’t mean going to the store and picking the more expensive apples because you’re scared of the pesticides. That’s after driving to the store in the SUV and loading the cart with chemical laden health care products…

Unfortunately, in today’s world, we can get so mixed up in the terms that float about that the word organic has somewhat lost it’s meaning.

Yes, organic food, or normal food as it should be known is great, and far healthier than the alternative, but what we eat is only a small part of being truly organic. We are talking about becoming organic in mind, body and soul…


Organically Thinking…

Some outward thinkers say that pure organic imagination or thought is just a human illusion to disguise what we really are – autonomous mains driven on external factors – we are just a processing unit…

To all those who disagree, I would say that organic thought is often harder to come by than it first sounds. We are enveloped by a web of subliminal images and messages, not to mention a large portion of us, myself included, spend a vast amount of time with our faces glued to a screen of some sort.

Surely all these distractions are going to influence our thinking in some way…

So in order to achieve truly organic thought and achieve a level of enlightenment that doesn’t normally exist, rid yourself for 24hrs of all electronic or media devices. Well that should help start things off anyway. Wait until you see what it does to your spiritual health and your nighttime  dreams if you make it a regular occurrence.

The next step would be to surround yourself with the outside world. Immerse yourself in its beauty and dive into the heart of mother earth. She will listen if you let her. Try meditation techniques such as deep breathing and clear your mind of its hectic state.

Organic thought and inspiration is achieved through concentration, meditation and practice. In order to see, you must clear you mind.


Live Organically

We are beginning to lose our pastimes and traditions very quickly in the modern world. The everyday hustle and bustle combined with the path that we are being led on has forced us to forget the very things that made us who we are. Our grandparents still know of them and to some extent our parents, but how many 9th graders can light a fire, cook themselves a meal or in some cases even cloth themselves? You’d be surprised.

Values that were once so dear to us are slowly being left out of our teachings. We need to stop and look and see what’s actually going on. We need to start living organically,  in mind, body and our day to day interactions. Let’s free ourselves from the shackles we have placed upon our own feet.  Stop with the pesticides and the GMOs, stop with the lies and the mass manipulation,  stop with the media led war on innocent people.

Instead of forcing young Jimmy to learn about algebra, the subject he really hates, how about teaching him and the rest of our kids how to start a fire, make a house and grow some food!

Who’s with me?