The Widely Spread And Constantly Used Silent Killer – Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a wireless network, which everybody uses and helps us connect to a lot device without cables. Everywhere we go we can find Wi-Fi. The major beneficiaries are the mobile phones, and the companies offer some specific instructions for the phones, in order not to affect our health.

Wi-Fi: the silent killer that kills us slowly

All the devices that we own in this modern time are wireless and they connect online through routers. The dangerous thing is that those routers emit WLAN signals-which are actually electromagnetic waves and cause a lot of harm. A huge percent of people are not even aware of this fact, and in that way it is being ignored. By constant use, these waves cause damage to the health. The British Health Agency conducted a study and it showed that router can hamper and slow the growth of people and plants.


The consequences of Wi-Fi exposure:

  • Bad concentration,
  • Sleep problems,
  • Constantly feeling tired,
  • Constant headaches,
  • Earaches.

Today technology has a major importance in our lives. Beside this fact, we have to find a way to protect our health from all the dangerous effects. Here are some things you can do in order to use the router safely and to decrease the harm that it causes.


Protect your children from the electromagnetic waves:

  • Change the wireless lines with cable ones
  • Turn off Wi-Fi utilities before going to bed
  • Switch off Wi-Fi when it is not needed
  • Do not place the router in the room where you sleep