Winter Skin SOS

In the colder months, skin needs moisture more than ever. The reason? Dry air inside and outside sucks natural moisture from your skin’s surface. These stay-soft-and-radiant steps will help.

Limit Your Exfoliants

Exfoliating the skin of your face and body in the shower helps remove dead cells and reveals a fresh, radiant complexion. But in the winter, all that buffing can actually strip skin’s natural oils—leaving your epidermis unbalanced and dry. So use scrubs less often—one or two times a week—and be sure to pay extra attention to hydrating after you’re done.

Lock in Moisture

When it comes to keeping skin hydrated, timing is everything. Skin is primed to capture and retain the most moisture when it’s damp, right out of the shower, so smooth on a rich lotion formulated with nutrient-rich oat and enriched with Greek yogurt, it instantly saturates dry skin and leaves it hydrated for 48 hours.

Cover Up Before You Step Out

Exposure to freezing winds can strip hydration, fast—they literally wick moisture from skin. Your best defense is to create a barrier between you and the bluster by bundling up. Key: A hat, gloves and scarf that you can pull up over your face. And don’t forget to stow an extra set of sunglasses in your car—they physically block wind, helping to protect the super-delicate skin around your eyes from its harsh effects.

Hydrate from the Inside

It’s not just about what you put on your skin—what you’re eating and drinking can affect your skin’s appearance too. Drop the sugary sodas and salt-laden snacks (they’re linked to swelling, inflammation and premature aging), and swap them for naturally sweet water-dense and vitamin-rich tropical fruit juices and veggie-laden soups containing antioxidant ingredients like butternut squash.

Treat While You Sleep

While you rest, your body works overtime to renew skin cells—but, especially in the winter, it’s also when skin tends to lose moisture (chalk this up to heated and less-circulated indoor air). Help the natural process along and protect yourself from dehydration during all that shut-eye by running a humidifier overnight to add water back into the air and—by default—your skin.