Women’s Motorcycle Gang Delivers Breast Milk To Premature Babies [Watch]


This group of bikers ensures premature babies receive the life-saving milk they need.


What’s cooler than being a motorcyclist? Being a biker that ensures premature babies have life-saving donations of milk. This is exactly what the women’s motorcycle ‘gang’ Sirens Women’s MC of NY does on the daily.

According to NY Post, the group is exclusively female and was formed because most motorbike groups don’t allow women to join. Jen Baquial, the president of Sirens Women’s MC of NY, says “any woman” is welcome to join the group and is encouraged to participate in annual events for good causes.

Every year, the gang hosts a benefit ride. The last raised nearly $2,400 to help keep the New York Milk Bank open. The non-profit provides breast milk to premature infants and any other child in need, and literally saves lives with its donations.


Credit: Sirens Women's MC of NYC

Credit: Sirens Women’s MC of NYC

The bikers also assist by transporting freshly procured and pasteurized donations of breast milk to hospitals and other facilities that require the goods. On motorcycles, the women are able to weave in and out of traffic quickly, ensuring the donations reach their destination in record time.



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